Our Smart Diaper Care is equipped with a moisture sensor that can alert a parent or a caregiver when a diaper is wet. Our Smart Diaper Care Tag is easy-to-use. You can simply adhere the sensor strip to the bottom layer of a diaper. When the moisture sensor detects dampness in the diaper, it sends a signal either directly to your smart device or a nearby wireless sensor receiver if you are further than 10 meters, which then sends a notification to a smart device. The smart care diaper tag is compatible with both diapers and adult absorbent briefs.

  • Immediate notification on wet diapers or absorbent briefs can help avoid skin rashes or possible infections caused by urinary incontinence
  • Diaper Care Tag is thin, light, and easy to adhere. The barely-there feeling helps users stay comfortable.
  • Save on extra costs from unnecessary diaper changes.
  • Save time by knowing exactly when a diaper or adult absorbent briefs need a change so you can avoid leakage and unwanted messes.
  • Sleep better at night by getting notifications only when a diaper or briefs is wet rather than checking throughout the night and disturbing sleep.