SD Care is a Canadian health and wellness start-up company specializing in the development of technology care products to support families and caregivers in caring for their loved ones and patients in need. We are passionate about helping others live a happier and healthier life.

Our company started in late 2017 with the idea of a Smart Diaper Care system. From there, we worked with potential early adopters to better understand needs around family care products. Through our prototype development, design iteration and consumer collaboration, we created our Smart Care Technology for diapers. We place great importance on functionality and flexibility of use for babies, toddlers, and seniors. In addition, we are also developing a Smart Fever Care Technology that helps you monitor body temperatures in a more accurate and efficient manner.

Our plan is to launch our Smart Diaper Care in Canada by the end of 2020 and our Smart Fever Care the following year.


We aim to help people care for their loved ones in the best way possible.


To create quality care technology products to support better health and quality of life for everyone.